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Dark Naga Adventures is a new company focused on producing quality adventures for Fantasy Roleplaying games. It is a one man (me, Kevin Watson) operation that uses freelancers to complete some tasks. Dark Naga’s products are published and distributed by Fat Goblin Games under their Dark Naga Adventures imprint. The first offerings are the Haunting of Hastur series, a five part adventure mini campaign that starts with a lost temple from an evil that was key to the downfall of the First Age of Man, continues through the underground city of Talos and ends with the party’s desperate escape from Carcosa, the domain of Hastur.


The head Naga is me, Kevin Watson. I began playing RPG’s in late 1980, and moved from player to DM in mid 1981. Since then, I have written dozens of campaign worlds and hundreds of adventures/dungeons. None of them for commercial release. With the OGL enduring and the 5e SRD being released. It was time to work on commercial adventures.┬áThe first adventure, The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil was brought into the world via a successful Kickstarter campaign. The sequel is currently in development.