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The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil

This is where it all started.

The first commercial product from Dark Naga is a best seller.

The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil is available in PDF and Print on Demand (PoD) via DriveThruRPG, RPGNow,

Amazon (globally) and other retailers.


The Kickstarter print runs have a detached cover with maps on the interior of the cover.

Reprints are available as part of Kickstarter campaigns and directly from Dark Naga at Gaming Conventions.


About the Adventure

The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil is an adventure for three to seven characters between levels four and six. It is designed for use with Fifth Edition and OSR versions of Gary and Dave’s RPG. It can be adapted to any fantasy RPG.

The Premise

The small town of Boldon, and its surrounding villages, are afraid. Dozens of people are missing, some speculate lost to some nefarious purpose. Tales of an evil temple and the horrible things within circulate. The few who know the legends and history of the region are beginning to think the dark times have returned, not seen since the fall of the first age of man. People are beginning to feel the icy fingers of fear closing in. Upon arrival, the party encounters a broken man, a homeless drunkard prone to incessant rambling. This inspires an investigation into the stories of a lost temple. Has it been rediscovered by men seduced by its forgotten evil? The drunkard’s tale leads to others who might help the party discover more before they face The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil.

Recent Updates

In this section, you’ll find information and news about game updates, recent releases, and projects in the works. Read on for a list of bulletins, reach out directly to learn more. 

  • DNH4 - Confronting Hastur is being printed. Fulfillment is planned for the second half of Jan 2018.
  • A small Kickstarter for an OSR Print set of all five adventures for the Haunting of Hastur series is being researched.
  • An Omnibus full color, hardback, compilation of the Haunting of Hastur is being researched.
  • The next series of adventures is set on a lost contintent of Arapa and involves a Lich slumbering for 2000 years.

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