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At Dark Naga Adventures, awesome is in our DNA.

Independently Created Fantasy Role-Playing Adventures: The Dark Naga Adventures Story

Dark Naga Adventures is a new, small press company focused on producing quality adventures for fantasy role-playing games. Currently, DNA is a one-man (me, Kevin Watson) operation that uses freelancers to complete some tasks. Our products are published and distributed by Fat Goblin Games under their Dark Naga Adventures imprint. The first offerings are the Haunting of Hastur series, a five-part adventure mini-campaign that starts with a lost temple from an evil that was key to the downfall of the First Age of Man, continues through the underground city of Talos, and ends with the party’s desperate escape from Carcosa, the domain of Hastur. The Hauting of Hastur, however, is just the beginning.

Meet Kevin Watson, Head Naga

The team here at Dark Naga Adventures consists of a single, in-house Naga and a robust network of freelance creators. The head Naga is me, Kevin Watson. I began playing RPG’s in late 1980 and moved from player to Dungeon Master in mid-1981. Since then, I have written dozens of campaign worlds and hundreds of adventure, mostly dungeons, but without ambition to pursue commercial release.

With the OGL Enduring and the 5E SRD released in 2016, it was time to publish. The first adventure, DNH1 - The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil was brought into the world via a successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2016. Sequels followed.

Superior Adventures to Enhnance Your Playing Experience

Dark Naga Adventures was founded on a passion for excellent adventures created for Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games. That passion has grown into a fully-realized commitment to the creative process itself. Though we are still small, we are dedicated to defining ourselves through our exceptional custom adventures. For us here at Dark Naga Adventures, “indie” and “small press” are synonymous with unwavering attention to detail and quality at every level of the adventure.

Want to learn more about the latest developments here at Dark Naga Adventures? We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment here on our site and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Recent News
Posted on 3/1/2019 by Kevin Watson.
In this section, you’ll find information and news about game updates, recent releases, and projects in the works. Read on for a list of bulletins, reach out directly to learn more.

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