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Haunting of Hastur - 5e Campaign

Complete 5e Campaign

The Haunting of Hastur is a campaign designed to integrate with starting adventures like the 5e boxed set, or other introductory works and take the party through level twelve.

The party members start out on a job to investigate missing people and are pulled into a confrontation with those who would bring Hastur back to the world.

The campaign is a non-linear adventure that leaves a lot of room for roleplaying.

The book is about 240 pages, case bound hardback with a full cover interior on 70-pound paper. This tome includes the following adventures: DNH1a – Sidequest – River Crossing, DNH1 – The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil, DNH2 – The Buried Zikurat, DNH3 – The City of Talos (Adventure, Gazetteer, and Bestiary), DNH4 – Confronting Hastur, and DNH5 – Carcosa.

For a preview, see the individual modules. 

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